Lake Country Construction is excited to offer our customers a complete home building service.

Typically, the houses we build are constructed on-site but, for customers who live a longer distance away, RTM (Ready to Move) houses can be a more feasible option. Nearby projects can be built on-site more cost-effectively than as RTMs since there is minimal travel costs, and no house-moving costs. Building on-site also allows work such as electrical, plumbing, and heating to be completed in a more efficient manner. For more distant projects, though, the travel costs saved by building as an RTM are greater than the costs involved with moving the house to the site. Building as an RTM also allows construction to start during the winter, when the ground is still frozen and excavation is not possible. This provides a headstart on the whole building process and allows the customer to move in sooner than if the house was built on-site. Keep in mind, though, that not all building sites are feasible to move an RTM into. Lake Country Construction can inspect your site and provide knowledgeable advice regarding moving in an RTM.

Lake Country Construction has an extensive service area including, but not restricted to, the following locations: